Discover the 3 Steps to Awaken Your Authentic Self and become the most CONFIDENT person you know!

Ever feel like you're not "good enough"? I'm going to show you how to uncover who you really are and bust through the blocks, beliefs, and fears that hold you back from shining bright as your authentic self so you can reclaim your personal power and cultivate unshakable confidence!


3 Steps to Awaken Your Authentic Self

In this video, I'll ask you the most important question you will ever ask yourself. I'll teach you that the labels you wear don't define who you REALLY are. You'll also learn the #1 thing to STOP doing in order to be your most authentic self.

How to Overcome the 3 Major Fears of Owning your Authenticity

Overcome the 3 most common fears when it comes to being true to YOU. I'll teach you simple mindset shifts to bust through old beliefs and help you uncover your true self.

#1 Way to Own Your Personal Power and SHINE bright

Without implementing this one simple step, you'll never truly be in control of your life. I'll also share the #1 belief it takes to allow your authenticity to SHINE. 

Become the MOST authentic person you know! 🦄

Join thousands of like-minded women who are feeling the inner calling to RISE up and SHINE their authentic light into the world. 

About Brit.

Brittney Carmichael is the founder of Shine School, an online course to help women return to radical self-love and SHINE from the inside, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, psychic medium, beauty guru, master hairstylist with over a decade experience, and self-love & biz mentor. She is known for her spiritual truth-tellin’ style and her ability to make women beautiful – inside & out. Brit teaches women how to SHINE from the inside by breaking free of negative beliefs, letting go of limiting labels, and tapping into creative power so that they can start living the life of their dreams.


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